I’ve been working on a LOT of projects recently, because I’m ready for new creative challenges. :) Recently, I discovered a literary agency called Red Fox Literary and fell in love with their portfolios, and I’m dreaming of the day when I can illustrate a children’s book with an author who is passionate about the world they’ve built in language. Every day is full of dreams, and I can’t wait to draw more later today and just…keep going. :) I’ll upload the finished designs when they’re complete!

Oprah and Lupita drawn on a rainy California day. :)

Made a beautifully ridiculous DIY Donut Necklace for a job interview assignment! I can’t wait to wear this baby when it dries! :)

How to tell the world you’re looking for a job- Page 1. :) If anyone has any business opportunities I might be good for, please email gabypossible@yahoo.com! As an artist, illustrator, youtuber, and painting instructor, I am looking for any creative full time work that will allow me to educate or empower people with my artistic skills! Any help would be greatly appreciated. GabyPossible needs a new job!

Today I’m working on a commission for an Adult Coloring Book. :) The author chose to make the book about great women in ancient history, and today’s drawing is Sobekneferu! She was a Egyptian Pharoah between 1785-1782 BC, and before she became Pharoah, she was apparently a part of a religious movement, or cult, known as “Shedet” that worshipped the crocodile god Sobek. I want to depict her in this piece as centered and calm while being surrounded by crocodiles, with a border on the edges of the page illustrating the labyrinth she completed after her father’s death, which had over 3000 rooms! I’ve attached 2 other photos to this post, and will be posting a few more photos throughout the week as the project continues!

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How to make a Bender costume in 6 hours or less: 1.) Grab poster board, skewers, paint, and 2 nurses masks. 2.) Tape everything together. 3.) Make a human sacrifice. 4.) Paint the body grey. 5.) Give no damns about the quality of your Bender shoes. 6.) Pray nothing rips. 7.) Come back home and fix all the rips

Currently working on an accurate portrait of Donald Trump