Acrylic Portraits

Top Portrait: “Once You Get Past the School Shooting Jokes, He’s Really Quite Nice”
This is a painting I made for the National Portrait Gallery’s BP Portrait Painting Competition. I chose Matt Devlin, a venice comedian, as my subject because his exterior and his interior juxtapose each other quite nicely. Beneath the bushy beard and curse words is a man who is kind, empathetic, and simply has a lot of strong opinions turned into mildly offensive jokes, haha!

Bottom Portrait: “Mother TerIris”
My mother is one of the hardest working women I know. She took care of my dad until he passed away from diabetes, she took care of me, and now she needs to work on taking care of herself. In this portrait of her, I emphasized the grays in her hair, and the wrinkles in her somber expression because this is the face my mother wears every day. This tells more of a story about who she is than any picture perfect airbrushed photo ever could. Love you mom, and I’m sorry you hate the gray hairs. <3

Commissioned Clients